How to make your business run 24/7 with no staff on all hours

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How to make your business run 24/7 with no staff on all hours

How to make your business run 24/7 with no staff on all hours
Nowadays, thanks to the development of the internet and social media, businesses can almost never be "shut down." Sure, your office and any physical space in general may be closed, but your customers will be calling on you for all hours 7 days a week. We may be talking about a Web site, or your social networks. Maybe some of your customers will want to leave a review on a third-party resource. Either way, they'll be able to interact with your business 24/7. 

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and you can tell your customers today what you couldn't even do a decade ago. Customers are your top priority and what makes your business work. Let's outline a few principles for constant daily work with customers:

Apportunity to communicate at any time

It is important that your customers can reach you at any time of the day or night. This means that you should have a website with your contact information or, even better, a 24-hour customer service.

If customers use your services, they should be able to get advice or help no matter what time it is on the clock. Even if it's just an automated response that tells the customer how long they need to wait to be able to get a consultation, or a bot that provides alternative solutions to the problem, it's still better than leaving your customer in complete obscurity. If you have a live chat feature, try to let the user know what their place in the queue is and the approximate wait time for a response from the operator. You have to show the customer that you are interested in solving their problem and that you are ready to deal with it as soon as possible.

Points of contact after the purchase

After the customer has used your service or bought your product, they are more likely to be ready to engage with you. This is much more likely to happen within the first 90 days of purchase. This is a good opportunity to provide additional support and new offers to your customer. To do this, you need to have control over the sign-up process. This is especially important in the case of online commerce, because the user can't just come into the office and tell you what they like or don't like, and you can't advise them to use additional services. That's why you need to work properly with your customer through emails and the right contact information. Getting it right is the best way to personalize that communication. Sure, you can use one message for all of your clients, but the effectiveness will increase many times over if you at least include your client's name. Such messages get much more attention. 

Your customer's needs

Your company should be prepared not only to support and provide new services to customers, but also to analyze how they use the products they already buy. Take some time to understand how your product helps customers in business, life, how they use it on social media and whether they recommend it to others. This understanding is vital so that you have a clearer picture of what your customer wants to see in the future. Work with your existing customer base to improve relationships with your future one.

Keep an eye on global trends and events that can directly impact your customers and the use of your product. For example, if you are renovating a property and there are new cheaper materials on the market, let your customers know about it. Tell them the prices, advantages and disadvantages of the new material. Let them know that you are inside the situation and are constantly processing new information so that your customers know first. That way, they will feel much more comfortable and understand that you are interested in a mutually beneficial relationship.

When you provide your customer with not just a product, but also a value that can be greater than the cost of the product itself, your opportunities grow with your company.
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