What is the best way to dispose of concrete

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What is the best way to dispose of concrete

What is the best way to dispose of concrete
Concrete takes up a lot of space in our lives, and it takes up even more space in waste. Concrete recycling is a growing problem today, because in 2020, according to the EPA, concrete - makes up more than 80% of all demolition and construction waste.

If you have excess concrete, or are a homeowner who has too much concrete left over after you've built your home, there are several ways to help you find companies or people who will take away your unwanted concrete. The leftover concrete can be used in many ways: paving driveways, replacing gravel, material for new ocean habitats.

Below in this article, there will be various methods that will tell you how to properly dispose of concrete residue and in doing so, keep your environment safe from such waste.

1. Renting a dumpster

One of the most affordable and easy ways to dispose of concrete is to rent a dumpster. Concrete, or materials such as asphalt, stone, and brick can be dumped in a dumpster. You can rent a dumpster in different sizes to best meet your needs. If your waste is heavier, you need to be sure that the dumpster will have the right capacity.

The first option is for those who have a flexible schedule.

2. Take it to a transfer station or landfill

If you want to dispose of your concrete yourself, you can take the leftovers to a transfer station or landfill. A transfer station is where solid waste is handled by waste collection crews. Before dumping concrete at a transfer station or landfill, call the facility you are going to to see if they are able to accept it.

Of course, for your wallet, this is the best option, but you may have to make a really long trip before you find the right place to dispose of your waste.

The second option is for those who have a truck.

3. Contact a building materials dealer

Sometimes construction material dealers themselves can accept concrete that you don't need. These businesses usually want you to drive the concrete to them yourself, they are unlikely to offer you a self-delivery service.

This option is for those who can contact more than one vendor.

4. Trash Removal Company

Hiring a company like this to help take out the trash is a good option in case you have a really large amount of trash piled up. This option will also work for those who don't have the ability to unload the concrete themselves. Yes, the option can be expensive, but it can also save you enough time than if you had to deal with the delivery of concrete yourself.

This option is suitable for those who have too much concrete to dispose of it themselves.

5. Landscaping companies

Landscaping companies are looking for concrete that they can use for their projects. These companies usually use a fairly eco-friendly option when they need to create flower boxes, retaining walls, or sidewalks. If we're talking about companies that produce building materials for landscaping companies, they're usually in the business of crushing concrete to then use as a layer for new roads.

This option is best for those looking for an environmentally friendly option.

6. Donation to the community

Concrete is not cheap, and local businesses or contractors try to find leftover concrete that they can use for their projects. One option where you can find these organizations is to post ads on some social networking site, or use Craigslist to tell your neighbors that you have extra concrete.

You might even be able to get some money from your surplus concrete, but really the best option is to offer it for free, but with the condition that people will pick it up from your site themselves.

Another possibility is to contact a non-profit organization, or some community team, to see if they have any project that needs concrete. They are often grateful for such opportunities, and are willing to arrange for self-delivery.

This is the best option for those who want to either make money on their concrete, or just help someone out.

The types of concrete waste that can be reused

Before you call a company to come pick up your concrete, or spend money on a dumpster, you should find out what kind of concrete you can reuse. Here are some of the types that are most commonly recycled.
  • Concrete rubble is large pieces of concrete (most often irregularly shaped). They are usually used as building stones for patio slabs or for walls and walkways.
  • Concrete blocks - these are quite often used in the construction of structural bearing walls, or for the construction of retaining walls.
  • Concrete mix - used for pouring driveways, laying the foundation of a house or for installing a fence post.
  • Concrete chunks - Many landscapers use concrete chunks left over from projects to build a parking lot or driveway.

To summarize: There are really many ways you can use to dispose of your excess concrete.

In the end, it will come down to the fact that you will have to choose the option that is right for you personally. You will most likely rely on the simplicity and the costliness of the option. If you decide on a dumpster, the specialists will pick up all the excess concrete and take it to specific locations for disposal. Regardless of whether you decide to earn your concrete and which option you choose, you can always find an interesting option based on your preferences.

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